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Mathematics is a subject that builds knowledge brick upon brick, and it must be based on a solid foundation. Many pupils miss key skills in this process, for one reason or another, and this makes future maths learning more difficult. We offer experienced tuition in which we find the learning gaps and enable pupils to build that necessary foundation, leading on to more advanced learning. Thus each student is enabled to reach the very best that they can be.

Maths is offered from Key Stage 1 all the way through to GCSE (Key Stage 4)
Foundation subjects include areas such as basic arithmetic and times tables, fractions, percentages and decimals, negative numbers, long multiplication and division, probability, shape, area and volume, and basic algebra. Key Stages 3 and 4 take some of these subjects to a more advanced level, as well as introducing new topics such as solving equations, geometry, loci, imperial and decimal units, pie charts, averages, ratio, constructions, trigonometry, Pythagoras, statistics, and more. Adult learning is also welcomed as many people find that mathematics is part of their current learning, eg, nursing.
One-to-one help tailored to the needs of each individual pupil. Whether it is general homework help, SATs preparation, practising past papers for GCSEs, or confidence building, please do give us a call.
Individual tuition takes a student from exactly where they are, focussing on the areas that need to be strengthened. Areas covered include handwriting, spelling, punctuation, grammar and using a wider vocabulary; comprehension and understanding; writing skills such as writing an essay, answering exam questions, writing letters, articles and reports, etc;
You will be taught by a qualified experienced musician/composer/tutor. For all subjects children and adults alike are welcome.

Piano - Beginner to Grade 5
Viola - Beginner to Grade 5
Accordion - Learn to play old favourites, songs, read music and play by ear
Guitar - Learn to play chords to accompany songs, strumming and plucking, tab notation and classical guitar music
Singing - Beginner to Grade 8 - Classical and sacred music
Recorder - Beginner to Grade 3. This is an excellent ‘starter’ instrument for children to learn the basics of musical notation and rhythm while enjoying making music.
Music Theory - Grades 1 to 5

figures of speech such as metaphors, similes, alliteration, etc; poetry, literature; speaking and listening skills; or general confidence building in writing and speaking. Key stage 1 to key stage 4 are covered, in addition to adult learning and ‘A’ level or degree students who would like to improve their English/essay writing skills generally or with relation to the subjects they are currently studying.